What makes us tick.  And those driving our mission.

About us

Heart of Health is an initiative of the Economic Board Utrecht and its partners. Together, we share the ambition to be the region that contributes most to a healthy world. Supported by leading businesses, institutions, and governments, we’ve got the skills, resources, talent, and facilities to make this a reality. We’re at the heart of Europe and the most competitive region. We believe that healthy living goes hand in hand with a sustainable, prosperous, and energy conscious urban environment.
What we do

Home to over 1.5 million people, we’re the centre for scientific and technological innovation driving towards a healthy, sustainable world. Our unique blend of facilities, opportunities, and environment gives talented people the room to learn, grow, and realise their potential. By focussing on practical solutions to societal issues, we aim to further strengthen our business, knowledge, and innovation climate and infrastructure.

Why we do it

As a society, we’re faced with major societal transitions that come with unique challenges. We’re living longer, and we want these lives to be happy and healthy. Increasing urbanisation and rapid technological changes, climate change and more influence people’s beliefs on how we can create a better, more equal world for all. It’s our responsibility to meet these changing expectations and strengthen our economy in a future oriented and sustainable way.

How we do it

Working for the collective interest of the region, the Economic Board is the connecting player that puts promising prospects on the agenda, mobilises networks, and leads the strategic economic conversation about the future of our region. We exploit opportunities for (supra)regional cooperation and investment funds in Brussels and The Hague. Our partners and board members are among the most prominent leaders from business, knowledge institutions, and governments in the Utrecht region.

Our Partners

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