Genmab – Rooted in science, inspired by patients

It’s estimated that up to 1 in 2 people will get cancer during their lifetime. And even though it remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide, innovative treatments and scientific discoveries mean that quality of life, recovery rates and life expectancy are constantly improving. 

Genmab is an international biotechnology company with a core purpose to improve the lives of people with cancer and other serious diseases through innovative and differentiated antibody therapeutics. Genmab’s main research facility is based at the Utrecht Science Park in the Netherlands, where a team of close to 700 people are ensuring Genmab’s world class research will deliver the medicines of the future. 

For close to 25 years, its passionate, innovative and collaborative team has invented next-generation antibody technology platforms and leveraged translational research and data sciences, which has resulted in a proprietary pipeline including bispecific T-cell engagers, next-generation immune checkpoint modulators, effector function enhanced antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates. To help develop and deliver novel antibody therapies to patients, Genmab has formed 20+ strategic partnerships with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

By 2030, Genmab’s vision is to transform the lives of people with cancer and other serious diseases with Knock-Your-Socks-Off (KYSO) antibody medicines. 

Knock-Your-Socks-Off  Antibody medicines

Inspired by the power of the human immune system, Genmab develops antibodies that change the lives of people with cancer and other serious diseases.

At the end of 2022, Genmab’s proprietary pipeline of investigational medicines, where they are responsible for at least 50% of development, consisted of nine antibodies in clinical development. These include Genmab’s first U.S. FDA approved medicine, Tivdak, which Genmab is co-developing with Seagen and co-promoting in the U.S. In addition to their own pipeline, there are multiple investigational medicines in development by global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including five approved medicines powered by Genmab’s technology and innovations. Beyond the investigational medicines in clinical development, their pipeline also includes multiple pre-clinical programs.

A sustainable and socially responsible company

Genmab’s CEO, Jan van de Winkel, explains how Genmab is not just a world-class biotechnology company, but how the company is also committed to being a sustainable company: 

“Genmab is a purpose-driven company. We are motivated by the difference we can make in the lives of people with cancer and other serious diseases and on society as a whole. Genmab is committed to being a sustainable and socially responsible company. Guided by our vision, our corporate social responsibility strategy is anchored in our purpose, aligned with our core values, and integrated into our business operations.”

Jan Van de Winkel

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Genmab – Rooted in science, inspired by patients

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